Choose arts and crafts creators when buying your Christmas gifts

Dear Friends, the arts and crafts creators' community needs your support more than ever. This is not an easy year for everyone. We do not even know for sure whether we could spend Christmas holidays with our families, with our lbeoved ones. But even if your Christmas gifts will be somewhat more modest this year, please, while making your choice, think above all of the creators, local artists and artisans, small local businesses. We are small, but very flexible and reactive, we too doo deliver, offer drive or clic and collect option, and are particularly very attentive and responsive to tour needs. We also have the choice and the ability to adapt our proposal to all budgets. But above all we offer our love and lots of originality in unique handmade gifts. Do not hesitate to ask from now on for customizing your Christmas gifts. The entire creative community and I personnaly being the part do need you to be there for us. Thank you very much and take care of yourself!

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